Commentary: On Interable Relationships

Society’s labels for people can otherize them and be hurtful. This can be the case in the way people with a disability and their relationships are categorized as “interable relationships.” Read more about why some in the region think the term is incorrect.

The RGV’s Response to Disaster Capitalism

Impending natural disasters endanger the Lower Rio Grande due to the increasing climate crisis, which opens the door to inequity in our region during the recovery process. However, when community members and advocates are vigilant and active in the preparedness and public assistance processes, a more just recovery is possible.

Kilned Visions; Ceramic Arts of the Lower Rio Grande

Clay ware can be a window to the bygone, yet it simultaneously expands from our ancient traditions into new unseen forms that merge functionality, design, and decorative art with the experience of the now. Learn more about the Ceramic practice of the region.

IMAS 2nd Annual Member Juried Art Show: OPEN CALL

The International Museum of Art and Science (IMAS) announced the open call for their 2nd Annual Members Juried Art Show in the Fall of 2022. The exhibition is an opportunity to show among local artists in one of the prominent Rio Grande Valley galleries.

Piñata Party: Breaking the Stereotype of the Piñata

Piñatas are a staple for many Latinx communities, but they are not just associated with childhood anymore. The craft carries the deep cultural significance of a practice that has endured from indigenous times, sustained generations of families, and continues to be a staple of our visual identity.

The ADA turns 32: Remembering Its Legacy​

One thing Juan Carlos Lopez remembers about growing up during the ’80s in McAllen, Texas, was the lack of ramps. Lopez uses a wheelchair and recalls that many of his childhood experiences were limited by the inaccessible built environment of public spaces such as parks.

Pop Up’s Pop Off; Vendors Against McAllen Crackdown on Markets

Open air markets gained popularity because of the COVID-19 restrictions placed on indoors spaces. They became a lifeline for many but now the City of McAllen is cracking down on these temporary events. Read more on how vendors are organizing to have their voices heard.