Movimiento Screen-Printing Fellowship

Led by Austin Linkinholder of Tree Haus Collective
Concept by Josue Ramirez 

The goal of the Movimiento Screen Printing Fellowship was to provide local artists the resources to create new socially engaged screen-printed work or projects.  During the program, artists participated in interviews, an or in-person artist Platica or a demonstration of their work process.

Ruby and Savannah’s proposal focused on a series of educational posters with holistic practices for dealing with feelings of anger and negative emotions that arise from toxic conditioning and unhealthy environments. 

Cielo Zuñiga challenged the viewer to some deep emotional work. Her proposal involved screen printing on found textiles to create cloth collages she photographed and edited into a looped 20-second video. 

Aligned Mind

The Movimiento Fellowship challenged the participating artists to learn and grow their screen printing skills. Both proposals were successful in expanding the content, format and manner in which screen printing continues to educate within movement spaces.

Aligned Mind,”  the final showcasing of the work, was on display at the International Museum of Arts and Science. 

Piece by Ruby Delgado
Piece by Ruby Delgado

Catch a glimpse of the event