The latest environmental news in the Rio Grande Valley.

Four squares showing the progression of the Rio Grande over the years. The river is shrinking and vegetation is drying up and tie progresses.

Scorched Valley: Impacts of Climate Change in the RGV

In recent years, the RGV seems to be getting hotter. This rise in temperatures has had negative effects on our economy and is affecting our communities. Learn more about how the RGV has been affected by climate change.

A front view of stores along a city’s main street. A car wash, seemingly out of place, is sandwiched in between a flower shop and a bookstore.

Car Wash Boom in the RGV

Cruising through the RGV, you may notice new businesses springing up, but there is one industry that is taking the lead in these developments: car washes. Explore the unexpected rise of these facilities in our small towns, their impact on urban development, and the questions they raise about sustainability and community space.

A person standing behind a microphone addressing a crowd of protesters.

LNG Industrialization: What it means for the RGV

The LNG projects have had a complicated history, and following along has not been easy. We break down the major concerns about the projects and detail the efforts of environmental and Indigenous organizations to stop them.

La Ciudad de Sullivan: Un Refugio para Animales

El RGV es el hogar de una de las mayores poblaciones de animales callejeros del país, lo que supone una gran presión para los servicios de rescate y acogida que ayudan a encontrar un hogar para estos animales. Con recursos limitados de los gobiernos locales pero un fuerte apoyo de la comunidad, estas organizaciones logran luchar a diario por estos animales.

The City of Dogs in Sullivan: A Refuge for Strays

The RGV is home to one of the largest populations of stray animals in the country, which puts a serious strain on the rescues and foster services that help find these animals a home. With limited resources from local governments but strong support from the community, these organizations manage to fight on behalf of these animals on a daily basis.