Republish Our Work

Trucha believes in sharing stories and cultivating relationships with others. We encourage organizations and media outlets to republish our articles online as long as they abide by the following guidelines:

Credit Our Journalists
Retain credits from the original published article in the following format:

Article written by [Journalist’s Name Here]

Originally published on [Day, Month, Year]

Credit Our Website
Note: Please include the link from the original story and a link to our homepage

Always include the following information when republishing an article: 

“Trucha is a grassroots multimedia nonprofit organization that aims to uplift the stories, culture, and social movements of migrant and queer communities in the Rio Grande Valley through community journalism, videography, and cultural programming.”

Don’t Modify Text
Out of respect for our journalists, we ask that you do not modify the original text or remove any links from the article you plan to publish.


If you translate any content, please make a note that the article was originally published on Trucha’s site in English (or Spanish).

Tag Us on Social Media

If you share the article/story on social media, please tag our Trucha social media channels:

No Ads/Paywalls

Please do not sell the story or sell ads to the story. We also kindly ask that you do not republish our stories behind paywalls.

If we send a demand to change/remove Trucha content from your website and social media channels, please do so immediately. 

Contact Us

Please let us know if you wish to republish any of our stories.

Additionally, please request permission from Trucha to republish original photos/graphics/illustrations. 

You may reach us at