Battle of the Art Nights: McAllen vs Harlingen

In this installment of “Se Tenía Que Decir,” we dive into a spirited debate, McAllen Art Walk vs Harlingen Art Night. Featuring insights from local artists and organizers, we explore the potential improvements in these events to continue supporting local artists and fostering community.

Quién Es Tu Gente: Las Ceramic Artists del Valle

A woman in a black sweater standing in front of a colorful mural featuring cartoon characters.

Meet the visionary artists behind Cactus Valley Art and Supply Company and Annebrije Pottery Studio, who are breaking barriers and creating a space for creative and cultural expression in the RGV.

Overcast Recordings: An Inspirational Tale for RGV Musicians

From his roots in Brownsville, Krebs pursued his passion for music production, founding Overcast Recordings in Austin, TX. Krebs has helped in recording the music of local bands Riley! and High Regard and continues to invite other Valley bands to pursue their rockstar dreams.

Empowering Communities: Art & Activism in the RGV

Six people dressed in black posing for a photo at an art exhibition.

Art is a powerful medium and can be used to aid activist movements, especially here in the RGV. Learn how community organizations are using art to explore some of the issues facing our communities.

Unidad y Alegria; cdcb’s New Mural Celebrates Brownsville

cdcb’s newest mural celebrates the essence of life in Brownsville,TX! Created by artist Cecilia Sierra and other local artists, the mural reflects small community moments, highlighting the transformative power of art in shaping the region’s narrative.

Ghetto Superstar: Persevering Through Adversity

An artist named Octoabe pointing at the sky in a brown jacket in a alleyway in the RGV

956 Artivists is a new series that explores the relationship between art and activism in the Rio Grande Valley. The first artist we interviewed is Octo, who shares some insight about his upcoming exhibition, “Ghetto Superstar,” and his mission to destigmatize growing up in poverty.

Movimiento Fellowship: Towards an Aligned Mind

“Aligned Mind” showcases art by Cielo Zuniga, Ruby Delgado, and Savannah Muñoz as part of Trucha’s Movimiento Screen Printing Fellowship. The exhibition encourages self-observation and emotional connection as a means to work through trauma to help us continue the fight for liberation with aligned minds.