Jesus Treviño Opens Art Exhibit at IMAS

Latino wearing a black shirt smiling, surrounded by frames of his artwork.

Jesus Treviño is a wonderful example of Rio Grande Valley talent nurtured by amazing art educators. His exhibition, La Carrera Fading in the Sun, shows an artist who pushes past mastery of the medium and is sharpening his voice and identity.

Why to Love the IMAS Museum

IMAS Museum offers science installations, art, and activities for children. There’s something for every family!

Reflecting One Another: On Glimmer by Milo Elliott

“Glimmer” explores connection, the celestial, the ephemeral, and the eternal through illustrations, paintings, multimedia pieces, and written works of Milo Elliot. Visit “Glimmer” at the Carla Hughes Studio, now until July 23, 2022.


Juan Trey Mendez III is setting precedence. The Brownsville mayor currently faces criticism from the community for his recent distorted bully pulpit methods against local activist Rebekah (Bekah) Hinojosa, but the question remains, was this personal?


The Rio Grande region experienced a forced rebranding through the myth of the Magic Valley. Despite demographic and political changes, market forces like SpaceX continue to dictate the regional identity through arts and culture.


A millennial pink mural and colorful geometric shapes by L.A. based artist Ted Kelly went up on the Capitol Theatre Building in Downtown Brownsville. It is one of three murals to be created from Elon Musk’s donation to the City. The selection of a non-local artist to paint one of the largest murals in the Rio Grande Valley has not boded well among many locals as it is seen as an example of the local inequity in the arts. Read our Cultural Organizer’s Opinion Editorial on the situation.