Toxic Behavioral Patterns In Queer Relationships

Illustration of two Latinx men looking at each other intensely with a rainbow background. They are dressed in suits, with a bold red line connecting their hearts, representing their intensity.

Marchismo and marianismo are a toxic set of expectations and behaviors that negatively affect people in cis and queer relationships. This article discusses how these roles and expectations adapt differently when presented in queer relationships.

A Very Beary Good Time

In this exclusive interview, we spoke with Abraham Hinojosa-Villarreal, a board member of the RGV Bears, about their First Annual RGV Leather Weekend, Valley Aids Council’s Love, Leather, and Lace Market, and the crowning for the Mr. Leather RGV Pageant.

2 Coming Out Stories to Inspire LGBTQIA+ Community

We want to honor our LGBTQIA+ community by sharing two inspiring stories about the journey of coming out, written by two powerful women in the RGV. We hope their stories inspire people in our local community to embrace who they are and come out (when they are ready.)