Celebrating Pride: How Queer Craft Night Creates Community

A chalkboard sign outside Cactus Valley Art promotes “Espacio Seguro” and Queer Craft Night.

Safe spaces in the RGV that aren’t centered around partying or drinking are often hard to find in the RGV. Learn how Souther Recio, owner of Cactus Valley Art, is working to create a safe space for LGBTQIA+ individuals during their Queer Craft Night, an event that is sometimes free and accessible to all.

Being Loud and Queer

Close-up of three sets of hands; two people of different skin tones holding hands, one person’s hands in the center holding both.

Volume Cinco of Trucha’s queer advice column, Consejitos Con Santana, answers questions exploring gender exploration, coming out to family, and dealing with biphobia.

Mr. Amigo 2024 Denounced for Anti-LGBTQ Rhetoric

The Charro Days Celebration is a popular festivity commemorating the friendship of Brownsville and Matamoros, MX. However, this year’s festivities have sparked controversy due to Eduardo Verastegui’s various anti-LGBTQIA+ comments and his pick to represent Mr. Amigo.

Jotxs y Recuerdos: Archiving Queer Stories from the RGV

Jotxs y Recuerdos: Archiving Queer Stories from the RGV Words by Pioquinta One of the histories that people often overlook is that of the queer and trans community in the Rio Grande Valley. Alexandra Nichole Salazar (she/her) aims to change that. “I started my podcast in 2016. I started it as a way to archive […]