Scorched Valley: Impacts of Climate Change in the RGV

Four squares showing the progression of the Rio Grande over the years. The river is shrinking and vegetation is drying up and tie progresses.

In recent years, the RGV seems to be getting hotter. This rise in temperatures has had negative effects on our economy and is affecting our communities. Learn more about how the RGV has been affected by climate change.

Op-Ed: Let’s Burn Together (or Save The Planet)

Illustration of three doves with the tops of their heads burning from environmental issues, with photo background of a fishing dock at South Padre Island.

Nature is vital in everything we do. Yet, at times, we ignore the many issues plaguing our communities within the Rio Grande Valley. Although Earth Day/Month has come and gone, these issues remain. Learn about the local environmental issues that continue to affect the RGV and the organizations and groups that keep fighting for our environmental rights.