Native Plants in the Rio Grande Valley Found in Mexican Cuisine

Native Plants in the Rio Grande Valley Found in Mexican Cuisine and Remedios Words by Fátima Garza Edited by Abigail Vela 1. Flor de Pita yucca treclueana Yucca, also known as Chocha or Flor de Pita can make a delicious meal when cooked “a la mexicana” with tomato, onion, and chili peppers or in a […]

The Anime Takeover of the RGV

Delve deep into how anime culture has touched the hearts of the 956, its influence on Latinx people, and our exclusive interview with the owners of Myth Adventures.

What’s Up With All the Boba Shops?

In a world where coffee reigns supreme, boba is slowly rising to the top, where it has become a symbol of growing diversity and culture in the Rio Grande Valley.

Escaping Hustle Culture in the RGV

Colorful illustration depicting two scenes where a person with teal hair expresses opposing emotions. To the left, the person is worried, surrounded by a busy, dark city. To the right, the person is smiling, surrounded by a bright, slow landscape with someone on a bike in their background.

While bigger cities have a lot to offer, they can feel overwhelming, cluttered, and crowded. In comparison, the RGV gives us the time to value our community’s and culture’s richness— an ideal spot to join a slower, more intentional way of living.

Top Savage Birthday Traditions

¡Oye! We turned 2! Let’s go over the most savage birthday traditions from our cultura, from the infamous mordida to becoming a human piñata.