Massacre of Border Rage: A History of Racial Violence in the RGV

Historical black and white photo showing thousands of National Guardsmen marching in the streets of Brownsville, Texas.

The Rio Grande Valley’s complex identity is shaped by events like La Matanza of 1915, a period characterized by racial violence against Mexican-Americans and Hispanics. This was a period of persecution, brutality, and discrimination, leaving a legacy that still echoes to this day.

Bargain Bazaar: A Pulga History and Remembering Gentrified Spaces

Outdoor view of a storefront with the shop's name in large red letters that read “Bargain Bazaar.”

Discover the captivating history of Bargain Bazaar, a once-thriving indoor flea market in McAllen, currently shifting due to the impacts of gentrification occurring within its walls. Explore the past and enduring memories of a cultural hub now reshaped by changing times.

5 RGV History Events You Need to Learn

Although there’s much history often left unsaid due to the battles occurring in our public school curriculums, hope remains. In this article, we encourage you to explore 5 moments in Mexican-American and Indigenous history that have paved the way for our present in the Rio Grande Valley.