Words by Josue Ramirez

A millennial pink mural and colorful geometric shapes by L.A. based artist Ted Kelly went up on the Capitol Theatre Building in Downtown Brownsville. It is one of three murals to be created from Elon Musk’s donation to the City. The selection of a non-local artist to paint one of the largest murals in the Rio Grande Valley has not boded well among many locals as it is seen as an example of the local inequity in the arts. Read our Cultural Organizer’s Opinion Editorial on the situation.

Words by Bekah Hinojosa 

In January, more than 65 public comments were submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) demanding language access to public hearings and assessments of the SpaceX Starship/Super Heavy project expansion on Boca Chica Beach. The FAA is blatantly ignoring the request by affected Rio Grande Valley residents for Spanish interpretation and closed captioning for the October 18 and 20 online public hearings.

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Words by Josue Ramirez, edited by Freddy Jimenez


by Josue Ramirez 






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