Texas Is Counting On You To Cast Your Vote

Today is the day. Polls have opened at 7 AM, and people will be lining up throughout the day to vote in the midterm elections. For anyone who may be confused about what’s on the ballot, we provided resources to help you cast your vote today.

Death Binds Movements Together

On this year’s Dia de los Muertos, organizers for immigration and reproductive justice issues in the Rio Grande Valley used their altars to educate audiences and honor the lives lost.


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Texas Is Counting On You To Cast Your Vote

Vote for reproductive justice. Vote for the rights of LGBTQIA+, Indigenous, Latinx, and POC communities. Vote for affordable healthcare. Vote for a higher minimum wage. Vote for quality education. Vote for gun reform. Vote for climate justice. Vote for your friends, family, and neighbors.

Commentary: Who is threatened by critical young minds?

In the past year, Texas has become a favorite target of highly partisan, emotion-fueled school censorship and book-banning campaigns. Long assumed to be a Democrat stronghold, South Texas is now a battleground region, and youth, particularly Latina/o youth, has once again become the target of fear and concern.

Commentary: On Interable Relationships

Society’s labels for people can otherize them and be hurtful. This can be the case in the way people with a disability and their relationships are categorized as “interable relationships.” Read more about why some in the region think the term is incorrect.


Artology | Dustin M. Sekula Memorial Library

ART_oLoGy Painting was created with the everyday adult in mind. Our mission is to provide a supportive and fun environment in approach to the creation of artwork. ART_oLoGy courses are

Housing Scam or Just Bad Luck?

You may have seen signs stating “We Buy Houses, CASH” across the Rio Grande Valley. As enticing as it may be, we wonder who is really behind these bandit signs and who really benefits from them?