Words By Rozena Shirvani & Revati Gummaluri

The transgender community has been oppressed by society for decades and even in 2022, the challenges they face seem unrelenting. At just the start of the year in February, Texas governor Gregg Abbott ordered that families and providers of children seeking gender-affirming care be criminalized and investigated, which was then followed by 15 other states with similar agendas. The transgender community particularly has significantly been affected by the shift in the political atmosphere and the distressing reality of being a transgender youth.

Words by Cecy Sánchez, Edited by Josue Ramirez

For the past 16 years, federal border authorities have deployed surveillance and policing technologies along the U.S.-Mexico border in an attempt to “strengthen” border security. Read more about risks and implications of the “smart wall” on border communities and it’s residents.

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Social justice

by Erin Sheridan, Edited by Freddy Jimenez and Josue Rawmirez





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 by Josue Rawmirez, Edited by Abigail Vela

 by Josue Rawmirez, Edited by Abigail Vela





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