A safe space is “intended to be free of bias, conflict, criticism, or potentially threatening actions, ideas, or conversations.” It has roots in western LGBT+ culture as a way to keep bars and other places free from hateful objections. Critics wrongfully argue it contributes to a weaker community and weaker individuals, but, in the case of making local shows safer, it strengthens bonds and creates a welcoming environment for newcomers. 

However, implementing these safe spaces creates ethical questions to be answered. For example, who takes responsibility if an assault happens?

A Conversation with Seems: Local Businesswoman & Podcaster

Seems is one of the owners of the local coffee shop, Black Honey Coffee Company, and releases weekly (and rather therapeutic) episodes through her podcast, The RGV Seems. In this interview, we talked about growth, following your passions, and what it means to be your true self.


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I Only Look Like I Speak Spanish: Interviews with Monolingual RGV Residents

The phrase “I can understand Spanish, but I can’t speak it” is uttered often in the Rio Grande Valley. This is not the case just for Winter Texans and other people visiting, but for people who’ve lived here their whole lives as well. Read about what some of the English monolingual twenty percent of the RGV population experience in a majority bilingual community.


Alebrije Art | McAllen Public Library

Let’s celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by painting our own bright and whimsical alebrijes! Learn more about this popular and traditional Mexican Folk art!

Pumpkin Pop Art | IMAS

Tune in each month for a virtual art workshop for beginner artists! Workshops take place on Facebook Live at 4 PM. A limited number of supply kits are available each

Housing Scam or Just Bad Luck?

You may have seen signs stating “We Buy Houses, CASH” across the Rio Grande Valley. As enticing as it may be, we wonder who is really behind these bandit signs and who really benefits from them?