Conjunto Is Not Dead

The Grand Re-Opening of The Texas Conjunto Music Hall of Fame and Museum is happening this Saturday, February 18th, in San Benito! Their mission is to continue promoting, preserving, archiving, documenting, and permanently displaying their 20-plus years’ worth collection of historical artifacts from The Rio Grande Music Company and the history of 70 inductees.

The RGV’s Response to Disaster Capitalism

Impending natural disasters endanger the Lower Rio Grande due to the increasing climate crisis, which opens the door to inequity in our region during the recovery process. However, when community members and advocates are vigilant and active in the preparedness and public assistance processes, a more just recovery is possible.


We are an independent multimedia organization highlighting cultural, grassroots, and socio-political movements of the Rio Grande Valley. Our goal is to create, document, and publish stories and experiences to reframe a more holistic view of the valley by connecting with audiences on social media and cultural organizing. We provide paid opportunities and resources, ultimately allowing our community to take a central role at Trucha.

Búho: Brownsville’s Barrier-Breaking Bookstore

After twelve years of Brownsville, Texas, not having a traditional bookstore, Brownsville-native Gilbert Hernandez decided to open Búho, an indie bookstor, offering newly printed and secondhand books. Búho’s mission is simple: to cultivate a love of reading with the community.

Como La Raíz Comienza

On Saturday, March 25, La Unión del Pueblo Entero (LUPE) is celebrating its 20th Anniversary and partaking in its 20th Annual Cesar Chavez March! Founded in 1989 and established in 2003 in the RGV, LUPE became a community union that uplifted low-income communities through organizing and advocating for social issues.

OP-ED: Get Schooled: The Fight to Save Public Education in Texas

Before the pandemic, educator and activist Clarissa Riojas felt that teaching was her dream. It wasn’t until 2020 that her vision for public education in Texas soured. The inequities in the educational system surfaced, leaving teachers, students, and communities alike demoralized. Clarissa speaks further about the journey to advocate for the future of public schools in Texas.

The Radical Root

Be a radical radicle and join our Roots Break Walls Campaign! Our first workshop explores identity, conservation, and healing remedies through art and poetry. Join us on March 11th from 1-4 PM at the National Butterfly Center.