Blue Lives Don’t Exist: Chipping Away At Pro-Police Culture

The Blue Lives/Thin Blue Line flag, which has been turned into stickers on cars, or even decals on actual police cruisers, was born in direct racist and anti-Black response to the Black Lives Matter movement. Read more about how it started in late 2014, just months after the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

What journalists should know before reporting on the SpaceX at Boca Chica Beach

Read life-long resident of Brownsville and member of the South Texas Environmental Justice Network, Emma Guevara’s commentary on how the majority of journalists paint an unrealistic and unfamiliar picture of our home when covering SpaceX Boca Chica. Learn more about her thoughts on how journalists can stop being so problematic when discussing our home.

CRT: The National “Debate” and a Chicano View of It

The national debate surrounding Critical Race Theory (CRT), as much as vehement opposition to a vague concept could be called a “debate,” is intense. It is troubling when considering the incorrect definition of Critical Race Theory as used by those who oppose it. Read more from Rene Rocha about how CRT is and can be implemented in the RGV and its implications.

Desde la Frontera: Border Representation in Soy de Tejas

Soy de Tejas showcases over 100 works of art of forty native Texan and Texas-based contemporary artists. Each reflects, “the diverse and beautiful complexity of Latinx identities.” Let’s review how the Border Region is represented in this survey.

Why You Should Listen to Valle De Sueños

Valle de Sueños is a local, bilingual podcast focused on the stories of activists & migrants who fought to end the inhumane treatment and dismantle the Matamoros encampment along our border under the Trump administration’s Remain in Mexico policy.

A mean looking Chihuahua wearing a yellow lucador mask on a blue background

Face2Face: The Artist & The Dreamer

With the Dream Act and DACA in a constant state of limbo, many Dreamers are left uncertain about their future. Local artist Face 2 Face opened up to us about his reality as a Dreamer and how he incorporated the Dreamers within his artwork.


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Commentary: In Solidarity with Bekah Hinojosa Against SpaceX

Almost a year later, Rebekah Hinojosa is scheduled to make her first appearance in court in February for, allegedly, vandalizing city property. Rebekah was arrested and charged with a Class B Misdemeanor and was publicly doxxed by Mayor Trey Mendez social media account. Was she targeted for her activism against SpaceX?

Repro Rights: Where Are We Now?

This past Sunday, January 22nd, people all over the country marched for what would’ve been Roe v. Wade’s 50th anniversary. Throughout this time, we reflect upon what abortion and reproductive rights mean to us.

Red & The Art of Photography

Photographer Red speaks out on how to begin your journey in photography & what it takes to capture stunning photographs.