Social Justice

Historical black and white photo showing thousands of National Guardsmen marching in the streets of Brownsville, Texas.

Massacre of Border Rage: A History of Racial Violence in the RGV

The Rio Grande Valley’s complex identity is shaped by events like La Matanza of 1915, a period characterized by racial violence against Mexican-Americans and Hispanics. This was a period of persecution, brutality, and discrimination, leaving a legacy that still echoes to this day.

People protesting for a cause. A person in an orange shirt holding a bullhorn and three people in the background standing in solidarity holding a poster.

The Organizers in the RGV

The RGV is home to many grassroots and nonprofit organizations that have led the fight against the social issues we face in our communities. Learn more about some of these organizations and how you can get involved!

Outdoor view of a storefront with the shop's name in large red letters that read “Bargain Bazaar.”

Bargain Bazaar: A Pulga History and Remembering Gentrified Spaces

Discover the captivating history of Bargain Bazaar, a once-thriving indoor flea market in McAllen, currently shifting due to the impacts of gentrification occurring within its walls. Explore the past and enduring memories of a cultural hub now reshaped by changing times.

People holding posters that read “Counselors not cops” protesting outside.

School-to-Prison Pipeline: How it Affects RGV Students

Last Sept., community members were shocked to hear of the arrest and criminal charges against 11-year-old Timothy Murray. The charges have since been dismissed, but the impact of the case still resonates. We take a look at Timothy’s case and examine the troubling school-to-prison pipeline that made it possible.

Illustration of police cars with lights on as they pass a sign that reads, “Welcome to Texas.”

The Consequences of SB 4

Texas Senate Bill 4 raises alarms for the Rio Grande Valley community, potentially exposing them to racial profiling and increased policing. Check out the full article for an in-depth analysis and ramifications of SB 4.

Mr. Amigo 2024 Denounced for Anti-LGBTQ Rhetoric

The Charro Days Celebration is a popular festivity commemorating the friendship of Brownsville and Matamoros, MX. However, this year’s festivities have sparked controversy due to Eduardo Verastegui’s various anti-LGBTQIA+ comments and his pick to represent Mr. Amigo.

A brown dog lying on a bed of grass next to their customized blue wheelchair.

How Small Sullivan Rescue Helped Take Down Fake Rescue in Arizona

Last summer, Yaqui Animal Rescue investigated a fake animal rescue in Arizona and hoarding over 50 dogs in deplorable conditions. Their findings sparked an outcry on social media and led to the arrest of the person responsible for horrific animal abuse. The case received media attention from all over the country. Here’s a deep dive into how the animal rights activists from the RGV made it all possible.