Join Us in Uplifting RGV Stories

We rely on contributions to publish original work each year and support Rio Grande Valley creatives. Our community’s stories are important in shaping the history of nuestra cultura.

In 2022, we provided artists and community members with the resources for creative projects and our platform as a space to share their stories.

In 2022, We Supported:




Community Partners


Community Journalists




Through our arts programming, we provided colonia youth with two days of creative workshops during their summer program, which included piñata and paper making. We inspired ARISE Adelante’s youth members with new ways to create art through accessible and eco-friendly materials.


We worked with local artist, Michel Flores Tavizón, in supporting Trans Youth through the Protect Trans Youth campaign. Michel created a graphic design for T-shirts that were sold throughout the month of June 2022. All of the proceeds from the campaign were given to GENTex, and the RGV TRANS CLOSET. Together, we raised a total of $2,000.

Trucha offers paid internships for local UTRGV and STC students. Our internships support a continuing education, hands-on experience, our organization’s resources and a wide range of professional equipment. 

We have developed collaborations with grassroots groups including: 

Amy Young Center 
Another Gulf
ARISE Adelante
Carla Hughes Studio
Divest/Invest RGV
IMAS Museum
La Union, del Pueblo Entero
McAllen Creative Incubator
Planned Parenthood
San Benito Cultural Heritage Museum
South Texas Equality Project
South Texas for Reproductive Justice
Texas Civil Rights Project



In collaboration with the San Benito Cultural Heritage Museum, Trucha featured the solo exhibition of Brownsville artist Jessie Burciaga. Titled, Aqui Descansaba, the exhibition tackles the topic of grief, specifically the disappearance of a loved one along the border. The exhibition ran from February to May and was featured in the Top 5 Art Events in Texas by Glasstire. 

A first-of-its-kind local month-long Ceramic Residency Program in collaboration with Carla Hughes Studio. It provided an artist stipend, studio space, equipment access, materials, and guidance for creating socially engaged work. The inaugural artist, Souther Recio, exhibited Blooming Feels Weird on September 30th it focused on body positivity and self-acceptance.

A panel discussion on the Past, Present, and Future of Conjunto moderated by Veronique Medrano in collaboration with the San Benito Cultural Heritage Museum as part of their exhibition Conjunto in my Backyard. It featured panelists Flaco Jimenez, Charlie Vela, DJ Joanna Herrera, and David Farias.   

Movement Journalism

We give paid writing opportunities to local writers, regardless of experience. As long as there is an important story to be told surrounding local socio-political issues, arts, and culture, we will provide the funding, mentorship, and guidance, and help writers develop their stories in thought-provoking ways. Additionally, we will ensure audience engagement through all our social media platforms once the articles are published.

We have published 57 articles.

29 were focused on social justice issues.

28 were on art, culture, and local creatives.

were written by community members through the open pitch process!

28 articles were written by men, and 26 were written by women.


We document regional happenings and the experiences of locals engaging in grassroots community issues or creativity. We utilize film to capture interviews, informational videos, scripted work, breaking news, and creative films/shorts.

In total, we have uploaded over 50 videos:

11 short-form interviews and docs.

42 videos on social media.

Collaborated on 2 film projects with community partners.

Hosted 1 part-time video intern from the local University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.