Texas Is Counting On You To Cast Your Vote

Vote for reproductive justice. Vote for the rights of LGBTQIA+, Indigenous, Latinx, and POC communities. Vote for affordable healthcare. Vote for a higher minimum wage. Vote for quality education. Vote for gun reform. Vote for climate justice. Vote for your friends, family, and neighbors.

Death Binds Movements Together

On this year’s Dia de los Muertos, organizers for immigration and reproductive justice issues in the Rio Grande Valley used their altars to educate audiences and honor the lives lost.

Commentary: Who is threatened by critical young minds?

In the past year, Texas has become a favorite target of highly partisan, emotion-fueled school censorship and book-banning campaigns. Long assumed to be a Democrat stronghold, South Texas is now a battleground region, and youth, particularly Latina/o youth, has once again become the target of fear and concern.

Alien Erotica With Glitter On Top: Experience Rocky Horror Picture Show

There will be skin (lots of skin) at this year’s production of Rocky Horror Picture Show by the Pluma Blanca Community Theatre. We interviewed the cast and crew and learned more about why Rocky Horror embodies “defiance, inclusivity, individuality, safety,” for the RGV’s queer community.

2 Coming Out Stories to Inspire LGBTQIA+ Community

We want to honor our LGBTQIA+ community by sharing two inspiring stories about the journey of coming out, written by two powerful women in the RGV. We hope their stories inspire people in our local community to embrace who they are and come out (when they are ready.)

When Our Bodies Are Not Our Own, We Fight.

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade had immediate implications for our region. However, through fundraising events and protests, local and national organizations, such as Frontera Fund, South Texans for Reproductive Justice (STRJ), and the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice, are continuing the strenuous and ever-important fight for our reproductive rights.

Q&A – How to Register to Vote for November 8th Elections!

Your voice matters, and you can make a difference in our local and state governments by ensuring you are registered to vote. We created this simple Q&A to help clarify the voting registration process for the upcoming elections on November 8th!

A Conversation with Seems: Local Businesswoman & Podcaster

Seems is one of the owners of the local coffee shop, Black Honey Coffee Company, and releases weekly (and rather therapeutic) episodes through her podcast, The RGV Seems. In this interview, we talked about growth, following your passions, and what it means to be your true self.