Social Justice

A person standing behind a microphone addressing a crowd of protesters.

LNG Industrialization: What it means for the RGV

The LNG projects have had a complicated history, and following along has not been easy. We break down the major concerns about the projects and detail the efforts of environmental and Indigenous organizations to stop them.

A brown dog lying on a bed of grass next to their customized blue wheelchair.

How Small Sullivan Rescue Helped Take Down Fake Rescue in Arizona

Last summer, Yaqui Animal Rescue investigated a fake animal rescue in Arizona and hoarding over 50 dogs in deplorable conditions. Their findings sparked an outcry on social media and led to the arrest of the person responsible for horrific animal abuse. The case received media attention from all over the country. Here’s a deep dive into how the animal rights activists from the RGV made it all possible.

6 Places in the RGV Fighting for Reproductive Rights

After a slew of restrictive legislation on reproductive rights, several organizations throughout the RGV continue to provide information and resources to those who need it. Take a look at the services they provide and the work they do for our community.