Pitch Your Story

Trucha’s mission is to provide thoughtful, inclusive, and high-quality content for our readers. Follow Our Guidelines To Help Improve Your Chances Of Getting Your Pitch Accepted And Published:

Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

1. Keep Your Outline Concise

Your proposed outline should be around 200-300 words. Make sure to include a description of your article’s argument, details to bring the subject to life (such as a title, subtitles, links, sketches, etc.), and why it’s an important topic for our region. 

2. Tell Us Who Is Your Target Audience

Dive into who your piece is targeted to and what they will take away from reading it. 

For example, the piece helps advocate or speak on issues concerning the local LGBTQIA+ or migrant communities.

3. Share With Us Why You Are the Best Person to Write this Piece:

Tell us who you are. Are you a student at STC or UTRGV studying your specific topic? An activist from a local organization? Or just someone who has an important story to tell? Include links to 2-3 writing samples and details of your expertise (any published or unpublished works, such as school essays, are accepted).

Note: If you do not have any writing samples, do not worry. You don’t need to have any writing experience to write a piece. Instead, tell us why you are passionate about writing your article.

4. Submit Your Pitch:

Finalize your pitch outline – it can be written or an audio recording of your voice. Send materials via email to pitches@truchargv.com with the subject line PITCH_YOUR NAME.


We accept pitches from people who live or grew up in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas and the Northern Mexican side of the border region, including: Reynosa, Matamoros, etc. No prior writing experience is needed to pitch!

Immigration, reproductive justice, LGBTQ issues, climate justice, regional arts and culture, racial justice, and more. Take a look at our most recent articles.

We pay our community journalists according to the type of article submitted:

Longform Feature — An in-depth investigative piece and/or a well-researched article digging into social justice topics: LGBTQIA+, environmental, reproductive justice, immigration, health, education and regional history/culture.

Word count: 800-1,200 words

Rate: $0.50 per word


Op-Ed/Commentary — Well-researched articles on specific social issues that carry strong opinions yet align with our mission.

Word count: 600-800 words

Rate: $0.40 per word


Q&A Features/Interview Highlights — In-depth interviews/highlights on specific community groups, members, artists, and/or organizations of the Rio Grande Valley. Explores the intersectionality of social justice, arts, and culture.

Word count: 600-800 words

Rate: $0.40 per word


Instagram Articles — Small pop culture stories/current happenings that affect the RGV. These articles may also include topics on community art/culture events, short community highlights, and voting. All of these stories will live on our Instagram.

Word count: 250-300 words

Rate: $.30 per word

Illustrations — We currently have open applications for illustrators to be a part of Trucha’s Illustrator Pool. The editor will contact you depending on the article’s needs. All you need to do is submit a portfolio to be considered.

Number of Illustrations: Up to 2 Illustrations per article 

Rate: $25/hr for up to 2 hours per illustration + $50 for concept

We do not accept any articles or writing aimed to market or sell products. We do not hire people to write press releases, listicles, or product reviews. Any pitches sent to us on behalf of a company or nameless member of your team will be rejected.

We publish stories for our community (Hidalgo, Starr, Willacy, and Cameron County), which include: the working class, artists, dreamers, organizers, family, and neighbors. Our untold stories of the RGV should be shared with the world.

Once your outline gets the green light, we ask that:

  • The article is an original piece of work for Trucha, not something you have published elsewhere.
  • You will establish a timeline for completing your draft with the Trucha Editor, and if you realize you will miss a deadline, communicate with them as far in advance as possible. This helps with maintaining an open and healthy line of communication.
  • You commit to our mission and vision of equity, thoughtfulness, and kindness.

Creating great content is a two-way process. Trucha will be sure to:

  • Pay you within three weeks after the publication of your article.
  • Help edit and review your piece for clarity while supporting your unique voice.
  • Promote your article on all our social media channels. 

You may view our full editorial guidelines here

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