Protect Trans Youth by Michel Flores Tavizon
Protect Trans Youth by Michel Flores Tavizon


Words by Josue Rawmirez

The Texas election cycle fuels the anti-trans rhetoric by politicians like Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Dan Patrick. In February 2022, Governor Abbot mandated the Texas Department of Child Protective Services to investigate youth receiving gender-affirming care. Teachers, nurses, and doctors were ordered to report families helping youth receive those services. 

Since then, the ACLU has motioned for a petition and won a partial injunctions to prevent the order from taking effect. The Attorney General, however, is appealing that decision. For now, families and service providers are monitoring the state leadership’s next attack while planning their next move.

The current political focus on the most vulnerable – trans children -is ramped up by efforts of past legislations, including the “bathroom bill,” and House Bill 25, which requires “public school students to compete in interscholastic athletic competitions based on biological sex.” In addition to attacking gender diverse individuals, politicians target the support structures that provide life-saving services.

Teachers, administrators and medical staff should not walk on eggshells- wondering if they will be investigated for maintaining their moral duty to provide their students or patients the safest care in a positive and affirming manner. Trans youth are loved by their community and belong in Texas despite the State officials’ mandate or order. 

Texans have the right to determine their own future and selves. This goes for trans, two spirit and nonbinary individuals, too. To those enacting these policies, we ask, “Where are your values of individuality, of pulling oneself up by the bootstraps?” Politicians who tout the bootstrap mentality of individuality and personal responsibility need to understand how trans kids are doing just that.

In the face of and regardless of immense obstacles, Trans youth lift themselves up, search for community, and work hard to become their true self. Despite the Right’s projection of being “brainwashed,” Trans individuals know themselves and the world better than anyone. They see through the facade of the binary that has inculcated the world and refuse to continue their subjugation. They live their freedom

Real Texans see this and acknowledge the strength to live this truth. That is why we stand on our Texan values and say, “Give Transphobia the Boot, Protect Trans Youth!”

Trans youth throughout the state need our support, and we will not let them down. We stand in solidarity with you and your families as a community to fight back. These boots were made for stomping out transphobia and that’s just what they’ll do! 

Protect Trans Youth Tees designed by Michel Flores Tavizon made by Palo Santo Prints

Trucha in support and collaboration with GENTex, RGV Trans Closet, and South Texas Equality Project (STEP) launched a campaign to “Give Transphobia the Boot and Protect Trans Youth!” 

Using Texan iconography and the Trans flag, the design by Michel Flores Tavizon visualized the values of acceptance and uniqueness. Shirts with the design are being sold as a fundraiser for GENTex and the RGV Trans Closet. Both trans-led groups advocate for trans individuals in the RGV and state and provide resources such as gender-affirming clothing. 

A creative action including a skit and a Drag performance by Brooklin Mars was presented at Pride Brunch at the Grind Coffee in Edinburg. The skit consisted of human-sized cut-outs of a pair of boots and a transphobic Texas Capitol that was booted out as the song These Boots Were Made for Walking by Nancy Sinatra plays in the background. A large banner reading, “Give Transphobia the Boot, Protect Trans Youth!” was rolled out to a cheering audience.   

By coming together to celebrate our individuality as a community, we show solidarity through art and with our commitment to our Trans sisters, brothers and gender non-conforming family. For a more inclusive and equitable future of Texas,  let’s give transphobia the boot.

100% of proceeds from “Protect Trans Youth” tees will be going towards GENTex, and the RGV TRANS CLOSET. The t-shirts will be available in S-XXL for $25 at the following PRIDE events:

  • Thursday, June 23rd – Drag Loteria by Planned Parenthood South Texas (San Antonio, TX) 
  • Friday, June 24th – Glitter Solo Exhibition by Milo Elliott @figmentof_urimagination at Carla Hughes Studio (Harlingen, TX)
  • Saturday, June 25th – RGV PRIDE at the Cameron County Amphitheater (South Padre Island, TX)

You can also order your shirt online

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