Texas Is Counting On You To Cast Your Vote

Today is the day. Polls have opened at 7 AM, and people will be lining up throughout the day to vote in the midterm elections. For anyone who may be confused about what’s on the ballot, we provided resources to help you cast your vote today.

Candidates To Look Out For


The governor is the chief executive of the state. They are in charge of passing and vetoing bills, appointing statewide officials, and more. Beto O’Rourke is running against the current Texas governor Greg Abbot this year. O’Rourke is a Democratic gubernatorial candidate, and Abbott is the Republican incumbent. 


Lieutenant Governor

The Lieutenant Governor is the second-highest executive of Texas and will serve as Governor in the case of the Governor’s absence. Mike Collier (Democrat) is running against Republican incumbent Dan Patrick. 


Attorney General

The Attorney General is the chief officer of Texas, serving as a legal counselor to government agencies and legislative entities within the state. Rochelle Garza (Democrat) is running against Attorney General Ken Paxon (Republican).

Ballot Guide Resources

We’d like to thank all the grassroots organizations that dedicate their energy and efforts toward voting registration and protecting our voting rights. Additional candidates will be running for: Agriculture Commissioner, Land Commissioner, Comptroller, Railroad Commissioner, and the U.S. House Representative from your specific RGV districts. For in-depth information on the candidates and the issues they stand for, please take a look at the following non-partisan ballot guides:

Cast Your Vote

When you vote, visit our Instagram and enter our giveaway. Winners will be announced on our Instagram stories on Wednesday, November 9th.


Whatever you do today, we urge you to vote. Vote for reproductive justice. Vote for the rights of LGBTQIA+, indigenous, Latinx, and POC communities. Vote for affordable healthcare. Vote for a higher minimum wage. Vote for quality education. Vote for gun reform. Vote for climate justice. Vote for you, your friends, family, and neighbors. Make your voice heard and cast your vote.

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