Art & Culture

Unidad y Alegria; cdcb’s New Mural Celebrates Brownsville

cdcb’s newest mural celebrates the essence of life in Brownsville,TX! Created by artist Cecilia Sierra and other local artists, the mural reflects small community moments, highlighting the transformative power of art in shaping the region’s narrative.

An artist named Octoabe pointing at the sky in a brown jacket in a alleyway in the RGV

Ghetto Superstar: Persevering Through Adversity

956 Artivists is a new series that explores the relationship between art and activism in the Rio Grande Valley. The first artist we interviewed is Octo, who shares some insight about his upcoming exhibition, “Ghetto Superstar,” and his mission to destigmatize growing up in poverty.

Movimiento Fellowship: Towards an Aligned Mind

“Aligned Mind” showcases art by Cielo Zuniga, Ruby Delgado, and Savannah Muñoz as part of Trucha’s Movimiento Screen Printing Fellowship. The exhibition encourages self-observation and emotional connection as a means to work through trauma to help us continue the fight for liberation with aligned minds.

The Top 6 Valley Viral Moments of 2023

2023 was the year of legal twists, vibrant community spirit, and a medley of noteworthy events in the Valley. From challenges to stand out successes, the community showcased its indomitable spirit. Community support played a starring role, fueling initiatives for local talent and creativity in the RGV.

Pink, purple, orange background with the word ‘MIRAAA’ in large bubbly font in the same color scheme.

Ojo! Miraaa Media Fest Showcases Experimental Border Creativity

Experience border narratives from the RGV, Laredo, and beyond at Miraaa Media Fest in 2024! Uncover how Miraaa is on a mission to create a more inclusive and boundary-breaking art world and how you, too, can submit your film short before the deadline.