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Pink, purple, orange background with the word ‘MIRAAA’ in large bubbly font in the same color scheme.

Ojo! Miraaa Media Fest Showcases Experimental Border Creativity

Experience border narratives from the RGV, Laredo, and beyond at Miraaa Media Fest in 2024! Uncover how Miraaa is on a mission to create a more inclusive and boundary-breaking art world and how you, too, can submit your film short before the deadline.

A hipsterish Conquistador looking guy "discovering" a plate of tacos. He stands proudly facing the camera, as if he owns the tacos, claiming it with a flag that waves behind him while the taqueros continue making their tortillas and trompos next to him.

Has Austin Taco’lonialism Finally Peaked?

For years, there’s been a debate about which city had the best tacos: Austin or San Antonio? All the while, the communities living in the borderlands have been left out of the debate.