Roots Fest: A Roots Break Walls Community Celebration

The culmination of the community work and connections we’ve made throughout our Roots Break Walls Campaign will be celebrated during our final workshop, Roots Fest, at the Hub of Prosperity  Farm in Edinburg on Saturday, May 27th. We’ve had the privilege to learn about our roots, explore our land, and connect in conversation alongside fellow community members. 


During our first Roots Break Walls workshop, The Radical Root, participants explored their natural, cultural, and historical roots through discussions and poetry session at the National Butterfly Center. Our last workshop, Rooting Abundance, continued the conversation on interdependence and the history of the region’s native environment, where participants identified native edible plants with the help of our Field Guide Zine at the Edinburg Scenic Wetlands.

Trucha’s last workshop, Roots Fest, will be a communal celebration of abundance. As a community, we will gather and enjoy a shared lunch. These foods will emphasize our cultivated traditions and encourage participants’ knowledge of native & regional edibles and common familial recipes. 


Local vendors and organizations will table and represent the physical manifestation of Roots Break Walls’ characteristics: art, activism, and embracing nature. This will allow Trucha to connect our community with local individuals and groups that honor similar goals and values and will carry Roots Break Walls beyond our limited time span. 


Participants can expect to engage in activities such as paper-making with local materials, coloring stations, a clothes swap, mono printing, and more! Vendors who will be in attendance include:


Join us for Roots Fest at the Hub of Prosperity’s Farm in Edinburg on Saturday, May 27th, from 1 PM to 5 PM! Let’s connect with nature, support our local vendors and organizations, and celebrate abundance with the community!


Those interested in participating, RSVP here! Let’s grow together! Show us your roots!

Illustration by Aime Miranda

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