Invisible Women: The Unseen Impact of Domestic Workers

Closup of a woman’s tired brown eyes with cleaning products surrounding her.

We often overlook the crucial day-to-day tasks done by domestic workers, primarily women. This article advocates for the fair treatment and recognition of their contributions, especially for domestic workers in the Rio Grande Valley.

Latino Men at Higher Risk of Suicide

Illustration of a silhouette of a Latino man sitting on his bed in a dark green room. The outside world is reflected inside his silhouette, including a broken tree.

Elevated suicide rates among Latino men in the United States are having a profound impact on the RGV due to Machismo Culture and the lack of mental health access. Many men are finding themselves unemployed, anxious, and depressed.

LGBTQ+ Center Awareness Day

October 19th is the national day of awareness for LGBTQ Centers that provide vital resources for our communities. Locally, the Rio Grande Valley is lucky to have groups and organizations that cater to the social services, youth support, medical treatment and entertainment of LGBTQIA individuals.