Art & Culture

Conjunto Is Not Dead

The Grand Re-Opening of The Texas Conjunto Music Hall of Fame and Museum is happening this Saturday, February 18th, in San Benito! Their mission is to continue promoting, preserving, archiving, documenting, and permanently displaying their 20-plus years’ worth collection of historical artifacts from The Rio Grande Music Company and the history of 70 inductees.

Top Savage Birthday Traditions

¡Oye! We turned 2! Let’s go over the most savage birthday traditions from our cultura, from the infamous mordida to becoming a human piñata.

A Theatre Kid’s Mission To Put the RGV in the Spotlight

Growing up as a theatre kid in the RGV in the early 2010s, there were few people or organizations to look up to. Now in 2023, theatre kids like Brisa Areli Muñoz are proving that pursuing the arts can take you to many avenues.

Desde la Frontera: Border Representation in Soy de Tejas

Soy de Tejas showcases over 100 works of art of forty native Texan and Texas-based contemporary artists. Each reflects, “the diverse and beautiful complexity of Latinx identities.” Let’s review how the Border Region is represented in this survey.

Why You Should Listen to Valle De Sueños

Valle de Sueños is a local, bilingual podcast focused on the stories of activists & migrants who fought to end the inhumane treatment and dismantle the Matamoros encampment along our border under the Trump administration’s Remain in Mexico policy.

A mean looking Chihuahua wearing a yellow lucador mask on a blue background

Face2Face: The Artist & The Dreamer

With the Dream Act and DACA in a constant state of limbo, many Dreamers are left uncertain about their future. Local artist Face 2 Face opened up to us about his reality as a Dreamer and how he incorporated the Dreamers within his artwork.

Valley Viral Best Moments of 2022

We took a trip down memory lane and compiled a list of 5 eventful moments that happened in the Rio Grande Valley in 2022. Let’s make 2023 another year to remember!

Death Binds Movements Together

On this year’s Dia de los Muertos, organizers for immigration and reproductive justice issues in the Rio Grande Valley used their altars to educate audiences and honor the lives lost.

Why to Love the IMAS Museum

IMAS Museum offers science installations, art, and activities for children. There’s something for every family!

Alien Erotica With Glitter On Top: Experience Rocky Horror Picture Show

There will be skin (lots of skin) at this year’s production of Rocky Horror Picture Show by the Pluma Blanca Community Theatre. We interviewed the cast and crew and learned more about why Rocky Horror embodies “defiance, inclusivity, individuality, safety,” for the RGV’s queer community.