Art & Culture

Alien Erotica With Glitter On Top: Experience Rocky Horror Picture Show

There will be skin (lots of skin) at this year’s production of Rocky Horror Picture Show by the Pluma Blanca Community Theatre. We interviewed the cast and crew and learned more about why Rocky Horror embodies “defiance, inclusivity, individuality, safety,” for the RGV’s queer community.

2 Coming Out Stories to Inspire LGBTQIA+ Community

We want to honor our LGBTQIA+ community by sharing two inspiring stories about the journey of coming out, written by two powerful women in the RGV. We hope their stories inspire people in our local community to embrace who they are and come out (when they are ready.)

Kilned Visions; Ceramic Arts of the Lower Rio Grande

Clay ware can be a window to the bygone, yet it simultaneously expands from our ancient traditions into new unseen forms that merge functionality, design, and decorative art with the experience of the now. Learn more about the Ceramic practice of the region.

No Danger on the Dance Floor

In a “post” pandemic world, leaving the house is a modest challenge; adversaries present themselves everywhere. Whether through disease, awkward social interactions, or unwanted charges at the ATM. However, one of the most prevalent unwanted conditions is boredom, and some Rio Grande Valley residents issue the main cause is the Valley itself.

A Conversation with Seems: Local Businesswoman & Podcaster

Seems is one of the owners of the local coffee shop, Black Honey Coffee Company, and releases weekly (and rather therapeutic) episodes through her podcast, The RGV Seems. In this interview, we talked about growth, following your passions, and what it means to be your true self.

IMAS 2nd Annual Member Juried Art Show: OPEN CALL

The International Museum of Art and Science (IMAS) announced the open call for their 2nd Annual Members Juried Art Show in the Fall of 2022. The exhibition is an opportunity to show among local artists in one of the prominent Rio Grande Valley galleries.