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A millennial pink mural and colorful geometric shapes by L.A. based artist Ted Kelly went up on the Capitol Theatre Building in Downtown Brownsville. It is one of three murals to be created from Elon Musk’s donation to the City. The selection of a non-local artist to paint one of the largest murals in the Rio Grande Valley has not boded well among many locals as it is seen as an example of the local inequity in the arts. Read our Cultural Organizer’s Opinion Editorial on the situation.

Reframing Access to Art in the Colonias

This summer, ARISE Adelante and Trucha collaborated through a Creative Support Project to provide arts programming to colonia youth during their 2021 Summer Sessions. Read more about Trucha Cultural Organizer Josue Ramirez’s experience with access to creative resources growing up in a rural colonia, and the inspiration to challenge the narrative that art is inaccessible.

Announcing the De La Casa Artists in Residence

The selected artists for the inaugural De La Casa Artist Residency consist of two collective proposals. They include visual artists Monica Lugo and Sam Rawls and performance artists Erica Garza and Vanessa Alvarado of the Frontera Dance Project. Read more and stay tuned for their work!

Collaging the Divine

Divine Agbeko is a digital collage artist from McAllen, Texas. We checked in with Divine to talk about her interest and journey into collage making.

Fragile History

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