Valley Viral 2023

Words by Trucha

This year, our community has experienced numerous ups and downs. From significant events at our parks and in our streets, such as the protests in solidarity for Palestine. We’ve all shared in both triumphs and sorrows. As we step into the upcoming year, we encourage you to join us in reflecting on the most widely talked-about moments in the RGV in 2023.

6. She Poppin', She Rollin'

La abogada mas chingona del 956, Leah Wise, dominated the scene when she purchased the former strip club Xoticas, throwing up a plethora of hilarious comments. According to Reddit user, ‘Takuachee, the “building was originally built to be the law office of Aaron Peña…” Just like Takuachee, we also find it curious that a law office can be converted into a strip club and then back to a law office.

5. El Más Broncudo

The Valley went wild with viral phenomenon Bronco 956, who became the doppelganger of Lupe Esparza, the famous singer from Bronco. His rise to TikTok fame came from a video he created showing off his dance moves at the Alamo Pulga. It didn’t stop there, there were drink specials named in his honor and now he bringing awareness to the GoPharr Youthbuild Program.

4. Charges Reduced for Bekah Hinojosa

This year, we’ve seen the beaches at Boca Chica beach littered with the debris from all the Space X explosions, with 27 organizations signing a letter in unison against the Starship/Super Heavy in April

Aside from the disastrous explosions that continue to affect our indigenous communities and ecosystems, Bekah Hinojosa, a local activist who was charged for allegedly spraying anti-Space X graffiti in Brownsville, finally had the charges reduced in November!

3. LGBTQIA+ Community Becomes Target for Hateful Acts

Last year, JZD, which was founded by Brownsville natives Jennifer Serrano and Veronica Vasquez, partnered up with Target in celebration of Pride Month. Unfortunately, this year Target pulled pieces from their collection to be available online only, as well as moving their products to the back of all stores throughout Southern States.

Additionally, the Brownsville LGBTQIA+ community had their celebration of their Pride crosswalk cut short when an unnamed assailant vandalized the rainbow. However, Kween Beatrix stated that the Office of Attorney General informed the City of Brownsville had broken the law and had until December 23 to release the footage to the public. Updates to follow. 

2. Delias Tamales Under Fire

The popular tamales hot-spot, Delias Tamales, was under fire in 2023, facing a lawsuit against them for allegedly committing decades of fraud, theft, and wrongfully firing and threatening their employees with deportation if they tried to speak out against them. It’s safe to say their tamales will be leaving a bad taste in your mouth this year.

1. Los Hijos De Edinburg

Grupo Frontera, Photo The Fame Mag

At the beginning of 2022, a couple of friends decided to upload covers on YouTube. Little did they realize a year later, they would be globalizing regional Mexican Music, with hits like “Unx100to” featuring Bad Bunny, “Tulum” with Peso Pluma, and more. Grupo Frontera became one of the most nominated acts of 2023 with 15 nominations and won the First-Ever Latin American Music Award for ‘Best Regional Mexican Song of the Year’. Puro 956!

0. Closing Time…

The infamous rug store in McAllen, Texas, Azhar’s Oriental Rugs, went viral once again for never shutting its doors. Some RGV residents commented that the store has been closing since 2009. 

Honorable Mentions

We can’t end the year without a few honorable mentions and memorable moments:

Okay, we still don’t understand why the valley needs yet another car wash, but they seem to be popping up on every corner. UTRGV announces the formation of the new UTRGV Football team. All the while, the UTRGV Art students are still wondering if they are Vaqueros or Rats due to extremely poorly kept facilities. 

McAllen sells out its creative incubator for tech company Zoho, leaving many of the creatives to seek refuge in Harlingen, either by moving their businesses or joining Harlingen Art Night. 

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